July and August 1916 at Ploegsteert and the last days at Douddu

The month of July passed relatively uneventfully at Ploegsteert.  Ernests’ diary is full of entries that shows he was kept busy both in constructing practical items (an officer’s bath, cycle stand, fuse boxes) and in maing repairs to the communications trenches, particularly in the repaving of the duckboards.

The Company diary largely reflects this, with the frequent comment “Nothing unusual to report – usual working parties day & night“.  Again this might be a reflection of the attention that was being focused further down the lines where the worst of the fighting was occurring.  A few tit-for-tat exchanges of shells took place and one Sapper Grove was killed by a sniper

By the end of July the Company and the rest of the Division was being moved forward again to the front that it had previously held in June.  Modifications to the frontline are discussed, with re-modelled trenches, concreted command bunkets and additional machine gun emplacements being installed in the trenches and Ploegsteert wood.

Suddenly, in the middle of August, the Company was relieved by the 102nd Field Company on the 15th August and moved out.