Monday 24th September 1917

ELG - War Diary - 24/09/1917
Monday Sept 24th: Made cross for poor old Arthur & painted it.

Sunday 23rd September to Monday 8th October 1917

ELG - War Diary - 23/09/1917 to 08/10/1917
Sunday 23rd September 1917 to Monday 8th October 1917

Thursday 20th September 1917

ELG - War Diary - 20/09/1817
Thursday Sept 20th: A Devilish Day, at a quarter to 6am we went over the top & well we knew it half the sector wiped out including poor old Arthur, the best pal I ever had. Thank God I got back safe, he alone knows how.

Wednesday 19th September 1917

ELG - War Diary - 19/09/1917a
Wed Sep 19th: Preparing for over th top. Set off at 2.30 for Verbandam 2 miles S.S.E. of Ypres.
ELG - War Diary - 19-09-1917b
got there after a severe struggle & then have to go back to Voormeyelle for bridges, what language. Finally arrive at the Front Line about 1am the next morning